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24 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Living Areas Spectacular Using Pallets

It's Springtime, and time to get outdoors! After you get those gardens planted and the yard spruced up, you need a gorgeous place to relax and enjoy your hard work! We're here to help you Make Your Outdoor Living Areas Spectacular Using Pallets!

Here's an easy and smart way to create comfortable Make Outdoor Living Areas - a Pallet Deck! This is a great DIY Pallet Project - tame your backyard and create a great space to enjoy time with your family and friends while staying on a budget!

Get rid of that rickety little three-step back porch, and put in a beautiful Backyard Deck like this one! This stunning Pallet Project has several different levels in this back deck, as well as a great set of pallet furniture to compliment it.

But what if you live in an urban area and only have a rooftop? No worries! Look at this Pallet Rooftop Terrace Lounge, and you may consider moving into the city!

A beautiful way to turn any dull or unused space into a gorgeous Pallet Terrace!

If you already have a porch or patio but need a Pallet Bench, Pallet Chair, or Pallet Sofa, we have hundreds of ideas. Here's a terrific Pallet Terrace Set to inspire you!

A Pallet Sofa, Pallet Planters, Pallet Coffee Table and Pallet Side Tables never looked better!

Add some color to your Outdoor Living Areas with a simple Pallet Deck and Planter set! This Pallet Deck is a simple idea and could be incorporated into many small spaces. Add a few pallet planters, and you will have your own outdoor oasis!

To live, you've got to eat so that you will need a BBQ Side Table! Nothing worse than the excitement of grilling, and you hurry outdoors to put the pile of goodies on your tray down onto the barbecue, but you have no side table! Fret no more! Make a handy BBQ accompanying table like this one and be ready for any occasion!

Pallet Terraces and Decks can look elegant and contemporary, too! Outdoor Living Areas like these will make going indoors a difficult choice! Improve the view with some Pallet Planters. Staggering the height and painting everything white really added a touch of class and visual interest!

Redo or create a Pallet Balcony to enjoy the outdoors on a small scale. Check with your local planning or code enforcement for regulations first. You can make a deck out of expensive wood, or have a more significant pallet deck instead. Top it off with more pallet wood or store-bought if you choose!

Transform your bland courtyard into a beautiful Pallet Paradise! This courtyard terrace used pallets like a wooden carpet to create a getaway from the urban jungle. Brilliant!

Pallets are Prettier in Pink! This Pink Lounge would be a great Woman's Cave!

Dress up some Pallet Sofas and a Pallet Table with bright, fluffy cushions and throw pillows!

Here's another great Pallet Deck to make your outdoor living areas more comfortable. An Outdoor Living Area does not need to be huge. This smaller-sized Pallet Backyard Deck is ideal for a couple - and their furry friends of course.

Make a Covered Pallet Terrace area to give you a shady place to enjoy your Outdoor Living Area without being too hot or getting sunburned! Add a bit of whimsy by using the natural patterning of Pallets and face the wood in different directions. This is an excellent idea to make an existing cement or tiled area in the backyard a functional and useful Outdoor Living Area for any gathering!

You can have a beautiful Outdoor Living Area, even if you RENT your home! You just have to make your Tropical Renter's Retreat Terrace area easily removable like this family did! Add color to your planters and create some fun inserts, like using a bit of corrugated tin. Add a funky table on crates full of rocks as the base, and you have a perfect place to escape the world for a while.

Here's another beautiful Outdoor Pallet Terrace Area to give you some great ideas for your Outdoor Living Area project! A Pallet Fence defines the Pallet Deck area well! More pallets frame the posts of the covered area!

Here's an Eclectic-patterned Pallet Deck - and it's gorgeous!

Another Pallet Deck that incorporates Pallet Planters. Lovely!

A Beautiful Summer Pallet Terrace - add lots of fluffy pillows and cushions and enjoy the fresh air!

Paint your deck and Pallet Furniture dark colors and add bold cushions for a dramatic look!

From Greece With Love to your backyard living area! Pallet Tables can be elegant and be inviting. Add a beautiful Pallet Deck to luxuriate in the sun, and you can create that vacation getaway in your own Backyard or Terrace!

How about a Simple Pallet Deck - clean, functional, and party-ready in no time to make great use of your Outdoor Living Area!

Make excellent use of small spaces like this smaller Pallet Deck.

Another excellent Pallet Terrace with a large Picnic Table too! Build a Pallet Deck, and then add Pallet Seating like these great Pallet Benches - and top it off with an enormous pallet picnic table.

Why not incorporate a curved Pallet Bench, & Planter on your Pallet Deck in your Outdoor Living Area? Finish Pallet Wood off and add a few curved areas, and rustically becomes elegant and modern! This Pallet Deck, Pallet Bench, and Pallet Planter could be at home in a rural setting or an ultra-modern home!

Another easy Pallet Terrace with Simple Pallet Sofas! Level space set your pallets down and cut down extra pallet deck boards to fill in the gaps. Add a couple of easy stacked Pallet Sofas, and you've got a fantastic pallet deck and party area!

How about a Pallet Patio Pool Deck?

Make a great family gathering area with this two-level Pallet Patio!

Make excellent use of a small Outdoor Living Area and build a Pallet Sofa to stargaze on while enjoying your balcony! Even Kitty-Approved! Don't miss out on outdoor living because you only have a tiny area. Make the best of it like this tiny Balcony Pallet Sofa and End Table set.

If you have a small yard, don't give up hope - make a 3-Pallet Deck! Another great idea. Use pallets as the base for a Pallet Deck, and cover it with other upcycled wood. This wood has an interesting ribbed pattern.

You've got your Outdoor Living Areas looking great - now add some fun terrariums!

Bio: I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California, and enjoy woodworking with pallets. I've mad... read more

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