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Balcony Frame With Recycled Pallets

I simply wanted to save on wood for structure while rebuilding my balcony patio, so there is the result. Good as well to use dirty pallets wich cannot be used directly as they are too oily from mechanical parts!



Eric Poulin

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Haylee Louise Riess

Duanne Riess could work out cheaper for you :-)

Al Irish

Shane Kipling this is what i was on about for youe decking

Corentin Bonet

Quentin Lec, sa c’est une bonne fondation de terrasse, avec n’importe quelle longueur de planche en plus

Quentin Lec

Cest clair qu’il y a pas de soucis là du coup

Patchouli Papeil
Patchouli Papeil

j’ai fais la meme chose !!!!

Gimena Solis
Gimena Solis

Great idea

Marko Piovarci

Sak len ze ono je to pekne … ale za tie love sa da rozmyslat aj inak ..

Marko Piovarci

Ako. Ono to ide ale tak palety same o sebe su dost draheee a tie masiny (vrrtacky) su americke nesmrtelne stroje

Kleber Acina

pas possible de faire ça chez nous à la Guadeloupe sans un traitement de choc vu toutes les vermines(termites etc.) maisvu comme cela , respect c du grand art!!!

Freja Petersen
Freja Petersen

Good idea in theory. I don’t think it would meet to our building code

Stewart Morris
Stewart Morris

It’s about using something that has no purpose. Reusable sourced timber thats free. If it rots so what. Bet half of the people who have a negative opinion. Couldn’t even put a shelf up. Dick heads.

Nellie Smith

good idea

G.A.N Carpentry & Joinery

this will collapse after a winter or 2 :-( stop and re design

Laura Dupler

For those of us that don’t build for a living, G.A.N why would it collapse exactly? Doe it need support in other areas? From a “Non-builder” viewpojnt, this looks great.

G.A.N Carpentry & Joinery

Water will penetrate and weaken the timber and lead to rot as the timber is not suited for this purpose, flat surfaces for water to collect. Also the pallets are not built to support any weights eg. you could step heavily or jump on the slats and feel it bend or worse snap in half. the pallet back right of the pic is the weakest out them all, not very strong at all. hope this makes sense.

Simon Tully
Simon Tully

rain water would sit between the decking planks and the pallet timber and rot both…..

Laura Dupler

Can the wood be sealed with say linseed oil or some other type of sealant to prevent this?

Simon Tully
Simon Tully

and how are you going to treat the pallets every year once the decking is screwed down? you’d be better off building the framework from properly treated timber beams.remember that pallets are throw-away items made from the worst wood……

Bernie Kennedy
Bernie Kennedy

Derek for donegal? ;-)

Monica Monteiro
Monica Monteiro

Helder Pinheiro no nosso jardim :-)

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