Balcony Pallet Enclosure/Cerramiento De Un Balcón


Cerramiento de un balcón pata evitar el viento la lluvia y generar un espacio más íntimo.

Slate Water Fountain Pallet Balcony Set

By Neokentin

I made This Slate Water Fountain Pallet Balcony Set mostly from pallet wood. I used a total of 3 pallets, and about 50 bucks at my local Home Depot, but […]

Green Balcony Pallet Table / Seating

By Alkimalki

Made of pallets, of course. I needed some furniture for my balcony I had two small pallets and a pallet stool, so, VOILA!

Pallet Balcony Lounge Set

By Neokentin

I built this Pallet Balcony Lounge Set using six pallets, some bamboo, and a bit of creativity. I’m pleased with how the set came out! How I built this Pallet Balcony Lounge Set: […]

Pallet Bbq Cover & Tray

By Neokentin

Here is the cover I made for my BBQ on my balcony. Once removed, I use it as a tray! Voici un coffrage pour protéger mon barbecue électrique des intempéries […]

Self Watering Portable Planter Box

By Mattlevy7

Using five quarter pallets, I made this self-watering planter. Using PVC, burlap, and some rocks for HR reservoir.

Make a Balcony Pallet Lounge under 100$

By Neokentin

With some discarded pallets, a little paint and elbow oil here is a pleasant terrace set spiced up with pretty cushions.


Sitzecke Für Den Balkon / Balcony Pallet Sofa

By Klausi Angy (TheBuma379)

A cozy seating area for my balcony made from repurposed pallets. Aus 4 Einwegpaletten wurde eine gemütliche Sitzecke für den trostlosen Balkon.


Balcony Garden

By Neokentin

I made this balcony garden from an old recycled pallet.


Japanese Calligraphy Sandbox & Flower Beds

By Sam Feltham

This Japanese calligraphy sandbox and flower beds were created using one pallet. Once the pallet was taken apart, I sawed 16x60cm planks with 4x20cm planks. Both the sand box and […]


Salon De Balcon / Balcony Pallet Lounge Set

By Pauline Dupuy

Pour la réalisation : 4 palettes europe 1 pot de lasure de 1L 1 scie sauteuse 1 ponceuse (optionnel) Coussins achetés chez Ikea. Table et tabouret trouvés gratuitement. Comment procéder […]


My Pallets Balcony Set

By Neokentin

I used old pallets, painted them in white and added cushions to make my new pallet balcony set!

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