Pallets in the GardenLounges & Garden SetsPallet Balcony Lounge Set


by Mostart

Pallet Balcony Lounge Set

  • 6 pallets

  • medium

  • 5h

  • $30

I built this Pallet Balcony Lounge Set using six pallets, some bamboo, and a bit of creativity. I’m pleased with how the set came out!

How I built this Pallet Balcony Lounge Set:

I used 4 Euro pallets and two ordinary pallets. I assembled it in four hours, and the finish work (sanding and painting) added another hour to the project.

First, I started on the larger lounger. I sanded down the pallet surfaces with a belt sander. Next, I mounted two pallets on top of each other and secured them together with screws. I used an entire top deck as the lounge seat back and secured them using sets of hinges to create the comfortable angle. I used pieces of bamboo to fill in the gaps on the deck surface.

I built the center coffee table and chairs by using more pieces of pallets, and filled in the gaps with more bamboo.

I finished it off with some fun, cheery pillows and blankets, as well as cushions.

Pallet Balcony Lounge Set Lounges & Garden Sets
Pallet Balcony Lounge Set Lounges & Garden Sets
Pallet Balcony Lounge Set Lounges & Garden Sets

Pallet Balcony Lounge Set Lounges & Garden Sets
Pallet Balcony Lounge Set Lounges & Garden Sets

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only one problem… I uploaded this project via app month ago.. maybe more… and nothing happens. and now I see my project and other name on it.. and text little bit changed. it looks like we have a false representation here. I can easily prove that with photos of my balcony.

Reply to  mostart

HI, Heather the admin assistant again. I can’t speak about the user name thing, and will ask the admins to double-check. As for the text, the administrators DO edit sometimes, and have the right to do so if it’ll benefit the crafting audience. They do like to add information, particularly when they see a nice project and can help explain how it was built when we get a good set of photos. Many of the crafters request more information than what is uploaded, and are asking for tutorials, etc., so they try to provide what they can. The submission review… Read more »


great.. looks like my balcony. and my work.

Reply to  mostart

Hi, Heather the admin. assistant here. Is there a concern with the post? Please let us know. You can contact me directly: or use the “contact us” link at the top of the page to contact us if you need.

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