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Pallet flooring inside a reused shipping container into office.

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James Christmas

Yuck 🤢

Joyce Claassen
Joyce Claassen

I want to put pallets on a cement floor how did I do that please

Reply to  Joyce Claassen

There’s another post that’s coming out soon and they use a flooring adhesive. Others have made “floating” floors (sort of like the manufactured flooring like Pergo brand). The post that’s coming out in the near future has a LOT of good tips on how to do pallet floors over cement. Sorry, can’t say much more yet, but you’ll get a lot of excellent information soon. :-D Happy Palleting! Heather the admin. assistant

La Table en Palette

Splendide, bravo !

Litus Pirograbando Rockandroll


Ramona Dekkers

Ingrid Van Den Bosch zo kun je ook je vloer doen

Ruth Frederick
Ruth Frederick

Emma Humphrey check this out!

Bakir Abdelaziz

Bon début de semaine et agréable journée

Upcycle Wexford
Upcycle Wexford

I dont think they are gonna be eating or licking the blue pallets. They’re not toxic by just being around them.

Jocelyn Galvano-Pickett
Jocelyn Galvano-Pickett

love this…

Anna Lord
Anna Lord

eh is that in a container…? I love. Katie

Laura Dupler

That is sooo pretty.

Jennifer Malinski

That is cool!

Indiana Woodworkers

Is that the inside of a shipping container?

Imma Auguste

Chapeau le travail!,,,,

Dawn Rook

Beautiful !!!

Christa Bantz

Very very nice! :-D

Jamie Johnston

i love this floor every time this photo gets posted it blows me away

Maciej Sz
Maciej Sz

Cool !

Minnie Knight

love it

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