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Pallet Wood As An Inlay

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I lucked out and found a complete, functional treadle with a beautiful, 6-drawer cabinet at a Goodwill for $5.00 (yes, that's not a typo - five dollars)! When I got it home and disassembled it to clean the machine and assembly, I found that 100+-year-old cabinet had some damage. There was a split piece of secondary wood (redwood), so I trimmed it off and joined a new piece of reclaimed redwood from my property (almost 100 years old). There was a broken piece of oak frame that supports the sewing machine when it is folded down inside, and that was patched with oak pallet wood. I thought I was good until I started sanding the top. Before anyone screams, this cabinet had been refinished at least twice in the course of its life. I discovered that the oak veneer on the top cover was lifted - and when I started to lift gently to apply glue, I found that it was infested with black mold! The whole thing had to come off. It had been used as a plant stand that had obviously had some drainage issues. It was damaged into the secondary sub wood, so I decided to do an inlay! I picked a pattern that I liked, then used bits and pieces of various pallet wood types that I'd saved from other projects. I glued it all together, carved out an inlay with chisels and cleaned it up with a Dremel. When I dry-fitted it, I planned it all level, then sanded it. I glued it in place, and when it was dried, I selectively stained a few pieces (the redwood and oak mostly) and stained the cabinet and drawers with the light cherry finish. It's not assembled yet, but I had to share! :-D

Pallet Wood As An Inlay Pallet Floors & Decks

Pallet Wood As An Inlay Pallet Floors & Decks

Pallet Wood As An Inlay Pallet Floors & Decks

Pallet Wood As An Inlay Pallet Floors & Decks

Pallet Wood As An Inlay Pallet Floors & Decks

Pallet Wood As An Inlay Pallet Floors & Decks

Pallet Wood As An Inlay Pallet Floors & Decks

Bio: I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California, and enjoy woodworking with pallets. I've mad... read more

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Valerie Hinton

Marquetry magic.

Valerie Hinton

A recycle first class.

Yvonne Rowe

That is gorgeous

Mag Galie

Moi j’ai ma coiffeuse privée !

Ives Sguassero


Melanie Guevara

Jeffrey holy shiz balls <3

Jeffrey Connell

Gotcha babe!

Michel Curphey


Janpreeya Nan Kwanjaipanich


Karen Liptrap

That is gorgeous. You gotta have serious talent and skill to do that.


Beautiful detail.
Very nice indeed.

J.V. Charles
J.V. Charles

gorgeous Piece ..really nice. I’m doing my first reclaim pallett wood project and its a lot of fun ..and lots of work.I’ll post my my pics when I’m finished..thank u for sharing

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