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Awesome Pallet Arbor With 5-foot Swing!

  • 3 pallets

  • medium

  • 15h

  • $25

I found three oversized pallets and turned them onto a Pallet Arbor with a 5-foot swing. These Pallets were 9,' and 12' long by 5' wide and each piece of wood was 3 1/2 to 4" thick!

Find oversized pallets or upcycle old posts into an impressive Pallet Arbor and swing bench!

I don't have a power planer, so all planing is done by hand and on the table saw to get them as close to each other as possible. Nothing is perfect on my arbor, but that adds to the handmade charm. The arbor is 6' 4" tall and made entirely with wood from oversized pallets that I thought I was going to cut up for firewood. Next, I built the swing bench using regular-sized pallets, and they are either 4 or 5 foot. Previously I have done one 6' swing, but it was a custom order for a client. I used a natural stain and seal. I try to keep the wood grain shown in all my work if the customer lets me. Typically, I only apply a UV-resistant outdoor sealer on unless requested otherwise. The only store-bought items are the hardware and some small decorative trim along the top.

Build a beautiful Pallet Arbor and swing bench using oversized pallets.
Don't plane those cut marks and defects away - let them take center stage on a project like this arbor!
Add store-bought trim to accent your Pallet Arbor.
I added store-bought trim pieces along the top edge of my project to add a little character.

A second style of Pallet Arbor and swing bench with a solid-backed seat.
Here's another style of arbor and bench I've made.
I used nylon adjustable tie-down straps to properly adjust the bench on my Pallet Arbor.
Use nylon adjustable tie-down straps to align the swing before installing hardware.
Don't sand those saw blade marks away - they add character and rustic charm to your Pallet Arbor.
I always leave the defects, such as the saw blade marks on the top rail if my customers allow me to. I think it adds a rustic charm to any piece.
Don't fear oversized pallets. Those heavy posts make a beautiful Pallet Arbor.
The next time you see oversized pallets, GRAB THEM!

Turn wine bottles into industrial-chic sconces. Turn pallet scraps into sparkling stocking hangers!

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Kailey Yardley

Adam Jervis I would cry if you made me this lol 🥰

Narelle Teejay

TJ Teejay , another one for you!! ❣

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