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Unbelievable Pallet Wood Stocking Hangers

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I made these Pallet Wood Stocking Hangers using pallet stringers and scrap cedar planks!  I was so impressed with the idea of keeping the raw edge of the cedar in a project, and this just seemed like such a perfect fit. This project was also my very first attempt at a new kind of wood joint, the Dado Joint.

Get on Santa's "Nice List" with a set of these Pallet Wood Stocking Hangers!

First I dismantled a pallet and saved the 2x4" lumber. I cut the pallet stringers to the length I wanted for the bases.  Next, I used a table saw with a Dado blade and cut channels wide enough to accommodate the cedar pieces. Install the wood knobs. I cut a decorative edge on the base pieces using a router. Sand everything well! Finally, I painted the bases using a sample paint I purchased in the clearance aisle at my local hardware store. I trimmed the cedar to size and sanded them smooth, protecting the live edge. To bring out the color of the cedar I used a few coats of spray lacquer. Secure everything together using counter-sunk Kreg screws from the bottom. Finally, I added adhesive-backed rhinestone letters from a local craft store & installed four wood drawer knobs that I also painted the color of the bases.

And the stockings were hung on the Pallet Wood Stocking Hangers With Care.

Make Pallet Wood Stocking Hangers using upcycled live-edge wood of any type and pallet stringers as the base.
Use live-edge wood pieces of any type to create unique stocking hangers.
Add rhinestone letters as an embellishment idea on your Pallet Wood Stocking Hangers.
Add any embellishments you desire. I used adhesive-backed rhinestone letters.
Upcycle old drawer pulls on these Pallet Wood Stocking Hangers.
Upcycle or purchase unfinished wood drawer pulls. Paint them to match the base color.
Use a dado blade on your table saw to make consistent channels for the wood backers when you make Pallet Wood Stocking Hangers.
Test-fitting the pieces together since this was my first attempt at a dado joint.
Use wooden knobs to hang your stockings. They're perfect on your Pallet Wood Stocking Hangers.
Small wood drawer knobs are the perfect way to hang a variety of stocking hangers.

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