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Led-lit Pallet Bar

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Turn pallets into a conversation piece, like this LED-Lit Pallet Bar. It was made from 12 pallets and uses aluminum plates for decorative flair - as well as a light-reflecting surface.

Here's how I made this LED-Lit Pallet Bar:

I started with two pallets that I put up on their ends and attached together. Then I cut more pallets up so that they had upper and lower deck boards with blocks sandwiched in between. I mounted three sets of these to the bottom of the two verticals to create a place for a lower, decorative shelf to be installed.

Next, I temporarily propped the two pallets up with a board until I installed more partial pallets for the sides. I added more sets of these along the tops and sides until the proper height was achieved.

Then I began cladding the sides using more deck boards. For a bit of flair, I added more boards on an angle to highlight the lower shelf. I used wide deck boards to create the countertop and lower counter space.

How I made my LED-Lit Pallet Bar a little different:

I installed aluminum plates behind the gaps in the vertical pallets for a different look. I plumbed for the LED lights but haven't installed them yet as of this posting. The LED lights will reflect nicely off of the surface. I enclosed the back side of the bar and installed two low shelves for storage.

Finishing this LED-Lit Pallet Bar:

Careful sanding was key. I sanded everything down well, paying particular attention to the counter surfaces and very lightly rounded the edges for comfort. I left some of the natural characters of the pallets to remain; opting to leave nail holes and imperfections as-is.

Although I wanted a rustic feel, I wanted a little color. I stained the vertical surfaces and applied an oil for the counter tops. I added some jars on the lower counter top just to give this bar a different style. Plus, when the lights are installed, it'll illuminate them nicely. I just couldn't wait to share photos of this. I think this LED-Lit Pallet Bar came out quite well and looks good in place!

Ce bar à ete réalisé à la demande d'une restauratrice qui souhaitais intégré un bar en palettes de qualité et différent du simple assemblage de palettes.

Le bar à ete réalise en palettes pour la structure et en planches dsur coffrage pour le comptoir. Des plaques d'alu ont été utilisées sur la face avant du bar pour y intégrer un système de LED (pas encore installer). Des bocaux ont également été utilisés pour la d ci et ajouter un style différent à ce meuble.

Led-lit Pallet Bar Pallet Bars
Led-lit Pallet Bar Pallet Bars
Led-lit Pallet Bar Pallet Bars

Led-lit Pallet Bar Pallet Bars
Led-lit Pallet Bar Pallet Bars
Led-lit Pallet Bar Pallet Bars
Led-lit Pallet Bar Pallet Bars
Led-lit Pallet Bar Pallet Bars
Led-lit Pallet Bar Pallet Bars
Led-lit Pallet Bar Pallet Bars

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Serge Zoo

Superbe travail


E un pezzo di bancone che può figurare in qualsiasi bar : disegno moderno ed accattivante. Ho intenzione di provare a farlo. Grazie per le molte idee.

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