Pallet FurniturePallet BarsThe Rook’s Tavern Pallet Bar

The Rook’s Tavern Pallet Bar

  • 6 pallets

  • medium

  • 30h

  • n/a

The Rook’s Tavern Bar Set… This pallet bar set was created using six upcycled wood pallets. These pallets were dismantled and sanded with an orbit hand sander, six 2″×6″×8″ were used to create the bars inner frame, two 2″×12″×8″ for the shelves and two 2″×4″×8″ were used for bar top supports and shelves supports.

Two 3/4 plywood was used to cover the frame of the bar. For the bar top, many colors of stain were used on this build and the bar was also finished with polyurethane as well.

The Bar Stools were made from seven 2″×4″×8″ to create the frame and then covered with pallet to match the bar. Plenty of carpenters wood glue was used as well on both projects.

The Rook’s Tavern Pallet Bar Pallet Bars
The Rook’s Tavern Pallet Bar Pallet Bars
The Rook’s Tavern Pallet Bar Pallet Bars
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He designed this bar for my man cave and it is amazing. High quality craftsmanship. Great guy to talk to and constantly gave me updates as it went along. He is also turning the closet into a bar storage/rack for me as well to tie it into the actual bar top. Highly recommend his work.

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