Pallet Home Décor IdeasHomespun Chalkpaint Pallet Pumpkin


by Robbie Shuemaker

Homespun Chalkpaint Pallet Pumpkin

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This adorable, Homespun Chalk Paint Pallet Pumpkin was created by using several colors of chalk paint. We applied the paint using a dry-brushing technique. We distressed the paint finish with a 220-grit sanding block.

Homespun Chalk Paint Pallet Pumpkin:

To begin, we sanded the pallet boards until they’re relatively smooth. We sanded the sides and fitted the boards tightly together for a finished look.  Next, we installed small strips across the back of the piece to secure the boards together. We created the finish by using various fall tones of chalk paint using a dry brushing techniques. Then, we distressed the surface using a 220-grit sanding block. Finally, we sealed this Pallet Pumpkin with clear wax. We applied vinyl lettering and acute, plaid bow, and our Homespun Chalk Paint Pallet Pumpkin is ready to go!

Editor’s note: offers very easy, step-by-step directions on the dry-brushing paint technique.

Homespun Chalkpaint Pallet Pumpkin Pallet Home Décor Ideas

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