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by Giorgos Karamoustos

Pallet Blocks Candle Holder

Simple candle holder made of pallet blocks.

Pallet Blocks Candle Holder Pallet Candle Holders

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Cathriona Walsh

Elaine…….immediately thought of you!!!!

Elaine Blackshields

I still haven’t made the furniture I intended on making last year! I might get to make this lot though!

Cathriona Walsh

Shur you have loads of time on your hands now!!!!

Elaine Blackshields

Oh loads!!

Bonita Walker

I burn them in my outdoor furnace

Yvon L Pilon
Reply to  Bonita Walker

not a good idea , nasty toxins released from the burning glue or bonding agents used to hold the wood chips together , can be harmful to you or anyone near by

Bonita Walker
Reply to  Bonita Walker

read the post again, please …. OUTDOOR furnace….

Yvon L Pilon

darn , i threw a bunch of these out

France Blanchard


momma beat
momma beat

What a clever idea, and this entire time I just tossed the middle braces to get side; now I know what to do with them! Thanks for sharing they look great!

La Table en Palette

Cool !
J’ai fait à peu près la même chose cet été avec des cubes de palettes plus gros.
/ Did quite the same thing this summer with larger cubes.

Lynn Ann Locke

Rachel Locke

Junk Bird

Pretty cool! ☺☻☺

Goran Kajary

nice thing to start a fire…

Dawn Rook

Simple idea

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