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by Nicky Mejia

Football Enthusiast Engraved Pallet Wall Art

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 72h

  • $20

Raider Nation = One Nation, according to this Football Enthusiast Engraved Pallet Wall Art! This fun idea can be made with a few leftover pallet deck boards and will cost less than 25 dollars!

Engraved Pallet Wall Art:

First, I glued several boards side-by-side, clamping overnight. I reinforced the boards with cross-braces along the back, as well as providing a place to hang the art up. Next, I sanded everything with a Ryobi Finishing Sander. I stained everything with Minwax Gray Wood Stain. I carved the entire piece using a Dremel 2000 and a Dremel Engraver. Carved the entire thing with Dremel Rotary Tool and Dremel Engraver. I painted the engraving with white, silver and black colors after staining the United States shape a darker tone of gray.

Football Enthusiast Engraved Pallet Wall Art Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting

Go team! Now you’ll need a comfy place to sit and admire your hard work like this Seating Set!

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this is nice…should do one with 49er country…Keep up the great work

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