Led-lit Pallet Elk Wall Art

  • 3 pallets

  • medium

  • 72h

  • $15

I made this 44″ square LED-Lit Pallet Elk Wall Art using about three pallets. It took a while, and I completed this project in about 72 hours. It looks great hanging between my hunting trophies.

Use this idea to build your backlit silhouette like my pallet wall art.

First, decide the size you want, and the depth of the piece. Next, dismantle some pallets. If you have mixed tones and textures, it’ll add to the interest. I only sanded enough to remove the splintery bits, but I wanted to see where the blocks were and the paint that had been on the pallets. However, sand the wood to the smoothness you desire. Pick the boards you like the best and lay them out on a table. You may have to gently sand or hand-plane the edges to get a tight fit unless you don’t mind some slight gaps.

What size do you want your Pallet Elk Wall Art to be? Don’t forget depth!

If you’re making a larger piece, you may want to create a support frame and attach the boards from the back, so the hardware doesn’t show. For smaller pieces, use a good quality wood glue and attach the boards to it. Create a box frame and run the boards in the opposite direction for an interesting look when not backlit. Draw or use a pattern to draw the image of your choice onto your glued front. Cut it out with a jigsaw after pre-drilling pilot holes. Sand any edges that splinter.

You can use an LED kit (the color-changing ones are excellent!) or even LED holiday lights.

Install an LED kit (either battery-operated or 12-volt) onto the inner frame. Drill a small hole for the switch or the cord. Install the front piece to the box frame, and trim with more pallet wood. Hang it up, and you’re ready to enjoy!

Led-lit Pallet Elk Wall Art Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting
What a terrific way to highlight the things you love in your life! Make this idea fit your passions with sports logos, a silhouette of your kids, animals, flowers or anything else you want!
Led-lit Pallet Elk Wall Art Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting
The multiple tones and colors, as well as the two directions of boards, makes this art piece interesting to look at day or night.
Led-lit Pallet Elk Wall Art Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting
With the LED color-changing lights turned on, the beauty of this piece shines!

Turn helmets into Metal Animals!  Make a pallet bench on wheels!

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