Pallets in the GardenPallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & PlayhousesDiy Video: Child’s Wendy Playhouse

Diy Video: Child’s Wendy Playhouse

This is a Wendy house I built for my daughter out of old pallets and 2 sheets of plywood. If anyone is interested in how I built it and would like to have a go at building their own I have posted a step by step video on how I built it on YouTube. Below is the the video.

Diy Video: Child’s Wendy Playhouse Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses

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Morgan Almroth

Magdalena Ängeln Werner. Visa göbben detta. Är inte svårt, farbror Morgan kan komma och spika ?

Amandine Morin

Il a copié sur notre balcon Bidou ;)

Jodi McDermand

That’d be awesome for the girls to have!!!

love the idea !!
Great Job :-)… whats the total cost ? aprox?

Mamé Vero

Vraiment beau !!!

Celine Gelin

Nicolas Jaudoin la maison de margot

Patsy Mullins


Joe JOe

trop beau !

Chevalier du Verseau

Cool pour mes chiens!

Guylaine Cenac


Karine Jlidi

Je veux la même

Victorine Amaro

c’est le modèle que tu as choisi?

Steve Politeo Smith

Me compraré una parcela unicamente para hacerle una casita de estas a mi hija y su hermana.


I really like this idea. This looks great!! My husband is thinking of building a playroom for the kids in our yard so they can rock climb and slide stuff. I just have some concerns/questions: are these pallet wood strong enough to last? and are they also already treated? or do I have to find a certain type of pallet wood?
Thank you

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