by Valenti

Pallet Kids Playhouse

Children playhouse made from upcycled wooden pallets!

Pallet Kids Playhouse Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses

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Karen Richardt

Shane Richardt

Meredith Lewis

Chris Lewis

Alex Whitlock

Looks bigger than our house

James Ismail

Maybe we should keep the pallets Lexie

Lexie Ismail
Reply to  James Ismail

… maybe !?!?

Teagan Edwards

Ashleigh Hunter I can def see one of these bad boys in your backyard .. !

BradenandSavitri Bailey

Catherine Sinclair those men of ours are all talk and no build lol

Catherine Sinclair

OMG!!!! Yes that’s right, where is our playhouse! Hahaha

BradenandSavitri Bailey

Still in the forest growing hahahaha

Sarah Faith Moore

Don Pashley extension on The Den? Xx

Don Pashley

Hmmmm I’d need a fair few pallets. Besides it’s in better condition than my house

Tamara-lee Selwyn

Marquis Saintlee build a hut like this gg

Taylor Baber

Michael Badger Pearson

Andrew Incog Neato

Heather Incog Neato

Christelle Carrera

Dominique’ Charley

Valenti Domingo

Torna a estar publicada!!

Annette Bennett

Timmy!!!!!! Tim Fugatt

Karolina Lemiesz
Karolina Lemiesz

Jay Heffer I’d only I had bigger garden :)

Valenti Domingo

Ja l han publicat

Michelle Sapiano
Michelle Sapiano

Loving this :)

Benoit Delmaire
Benoit Delmaire

Anaïs , là ça ne rigole plus !

Sharon Pierce


Olivier Tintin Peria
Olivier Tintin Peria

Encore une idée pour toi Antoine Quantin pour pti homme la moi j’dit y’a du taf lol


Wow that is amazing. Great job!

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