Pallet Planters & Compost Bins

Pallet Planters & Pallet Compost Bins are ideal projects to make from recycled pallet wood. Pallets aren’t just for coffee tables or for keeping things off the ground anymore. Use them to become a little more independent and to feed your family or beautify your home!

Discover our best Pallet Planter ideas & build your own! Save money, reduce your carbon footprint and grow organically! Make plant containers or square-foot gardens and turn your yard into a bee-friendly, money-saving zone for free with repurposed wooden pallets! Don’t forget your terrace or patio – we’ve got numerous ideas for small or square-foot planting containers too. Pallet wood is really rough and could last many seasons when outside. So, it’s a perfect raw material to use for outdoor planters or outdoor compost.

Take care not to use chemically-treated pallets, marked with “MB,” or use pallets that you’re not sure are safe. When in doubt; throw it out! Don’t buy expensive planters or compost bins. Instead, make your own pallet planter or bin using repurposed & recycled wooden pallets! Discover hundreds of beautiful projects of pallet plant containers and compost bins made by our talented Crafters!

Raised Pallet Birdhouses Plus Planter Project

By bakery

hear we have 3 projects a very tall bird table + a garden planter+ a small bird house

Patriotic Pallet Flag Planter Box

By Neokentin

Made an American flag planter box out of a few pallet boards, nails and paint.

Pallet Orchid Pots / Pots Pour Orchidée

By Philippe

Orchids are amazing flowers, and despite their reputation, are quite easy to grow indoors. However, they always seem to come in very plain (or even ugly) pots. Remedy that with Pallet […]

Pallet Trellis / Planter

By Philippe

Fall is the time to prepare your garden for winter hardship, including repotting your plants. Save money by upcycling pallets for the task and create a beautiful Pallet Trellis/Planter! This project […]

Zen Pallet Planter Box

By mydiyzen

I’ve looked at several how-to posts for various planter styles, and you may not be surprised that I didn’t follow any of them! The main reason is of course that I had the pallet wood and the pot already and just wanted to work with what I had. I knew that I wanted a different style, not the angled look of these, so I started by getting some sides put together for this planter.

Raised Pallet Flower Planter Features Driftwood!

By Dark_Horse_Woodworking

A raised flower bed made with pallet and driftwood with a rustic feel.

Don’t Waste Those Garden Clippings: Compost Bin Ideas For You!

By HeatherStiletto

You mow, trim, weed and maintain your yard but you’ve been throwing away Garden GOLD! Instead of bagging those clippings up and putting them to the curb, recycle them to […]

Pallet Trellis Accessorizes Raised Garden Beds

By Philippe

Spring and summer are the perfect time to get out and do some gardening. Raised Garden Beds make it comfortable to work your garden, but many plants need something like […]

Make Pallet Wood Planter Boxes

By HeatherStiletto

Here’s a great DIY Video Tutorial – Make your own Pallet Wood Planter Boxes – either low to the ground or raise them up to make weeding comfortable on your […]

Make Your Own Pallet Compost Bins 2

By HeatherStiletto

If you saw the DIY Video Tutorial from our partners at to make your own compost bin, then you’re going to love this tutorial. Now, you can add compartments […]

Make Your Own Pallet Compost Bins

By HeatherStiletto

We all get that spring fever and rush out to start our gardens. Great! Enjoy the weather and the fun of growing your own food. However, we miss out on […]

Pallet Arched Plant Stand

By Roy-Cat

I made this Pallet Arched Plant Stand from a single pallet. This is a simple project that would look good in your front yard or back yard. Leave it natural […]

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