Pallet Planters & Compost Bins

Pallet Planters & Pallet Compost Bins are ideal projects to make from recycled pallet wood. Pallets aren’t just for coffee tables or for keeping things off the ground anymore. Use them to become a little more independent and to feed your family or beautify your home!

Discover our best Pallet Planter ideas & build your own! Save money, reduce your carbon footprint and grow organically! Make plant containers or square-foot gardens and turn your yard into a bee-friendly, money-saving zone for free with repurposed wooden pallets! Don’t forget your terrace or patio – we’ve got numerous ideas for small or square-foot planting containers too. Pallet wood is really rough and could last many seasons when outside. So, it’s a perfect raw material to use for outdoor planters or outdoor compost.

Take care not to use chemically-treated pallets, marked with “MB,” or use pallets that you’re not sure are safe. When in doubt; throw it out! Don’t buy expensive planters or compost bins. Instead, make your own pallet planter or bin using repurposed & recycled wooden pallets! Discover hundreds of beautiful projects of pallet plant containers and compost bins made by our talented Crafters!

How I Made Crates For Vegetables And Flowers From Pallets

How I Made Crates For Vegetables And Flowers From Pallets

Compost Bin Made from Recycled Pallet Wood

Compost Bin Made from Recycled Pallet Wood

Pallet Planter Box

Diy – Pallet Planter Box

What can I grow in a vertical pallet garden

What Can I Grow in a Vertical Pallet Garden?

Raised Pallet Garden Planter

Pallet Garden Potting Bench, Planter & Chair


Raised Vegetable Garden From Pallet & Formwork Planks

5 Springtime Pallet Projects For Your Garden

Pallet Garden Raised Bed

Garden Beds Made from Disassembled Pallet Planks

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