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Garden Beds Made from Disassembled Pallet Planks

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These are my garden beds made from disassembled pallet planks. The dimensions of one bed are: 114cm x 114cm x 64cm (44.8 inches x 44.8 inches x 25.2 inches).

The tools used to build these garden beds:

The pallet planks were sanded & impregnated to protect them.

Garden Beds Made from Disassembled Pallet Planks Pallet Planters & Compost Bins

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What do you mean by impregnated? I’ve made a few pallet raised gardens but I’m never sure what to do with the inside to prevent to wood from rotting, I’ve been thinking of lining them with a heavy plastic.


To reach the middle of the upper tiers you obviously walk along the side or behind them.

They are treated, with heat. They are perfectly safe. (unless they had a toxic load shipped on them that may have spilled, but the odds of that are probably the same as getting struck by lightning twice in one day or winning the lottery power ball lol)

Hopefully that eases the both of your minds.

Édith Pelletier

Charlotte Minier

Charlotte Minier

Édith Pelletier yes une belle idée ça ! Sophie Lap va falloir que j’en ramasse désolé 🤣🤣🤣.

Édith Pelletier

Charlotte Minier je crois que je vais en faire un aussi pour mettre mes bébés arbres 🤣

Charlotte Minier

🤣🤣🤣. Ok tu pourras en profiter pour me préparer quelques planches 😋

Sophie Lap

Charlotte Minier si c’est pour que ça rende aussi bien, pas de problème !!!!

Jill Burt

Not sure how you reach the middle of the upper tiers. Nice use of unwanted timbers though.

Melissa Spooner

Craig Cleaver we need 1 of these

Nancy Collins

Not good if the wood has been treated.

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