Pallet Planters & Compost Bins

Pallet Planters & Pallet Compost Bins are ideal projects to make from recycled pallet wood. Pallets aren’t just for coffee tables or for keeping things off the ground anymore. Use them to become a little more independent and to feed your family or beautify your home!

Discover our best Pallet Planter ideas & build your own! Save money, reduce your carbon footprint and grow organically!

Make plant containers or square-foot gardens and turn your yard into a bee-friendly, money-saving zone for free with repurposed wooden pallets! Don’t forget your terrace or patio – we’ve got numerous ideas for small or square-foot planting containers too. Pallet wood is really rough and could last many seasons when outside. So, it’s a perfect raw material to use for outdoor planters or outdoor compost.

Take care not to use chemically-treated pallets, marked with “MB,” or use pallets that you’re not sure are safe. When in doubt; throw it out! Don’t buy expensive planters or compost bins. Instead, make your own pallet planter or bin using repurposed & recycled wooden pallets! Discover hundreds of beautiful projects of pallet plant containers and compost bins made by our talented Crafters!


Vertical Pallet Gardens Made Stronger; Lasts Longer!

By verticalpalletgardens

It’s ironic that my passion for pallet gardens started by browsing some time ago. Now I have several vertical pallet gardens ranging in size, some hanging, some on wheels and plenty more on the way. I am in the process of creating various pallet garden frames for sale (in Melbourne, Australia) to share this fantastic garden format with others. I have a more detailed approach to creating my gardens than most hobbyists and believe that if you intend to do something, do it right!

Beautiful, Practical Pallet Raised Garden Bed

By OsiristheCat

I wanted to make a raised garden bed on a budget. This fit the bill. It was quite inexpensive, will be weather resistant, and ended up fairly attractive. Can be done for $20 or less.

Wonderful Woodburned Pallet Planter Pair

By Jwade1717

I built this wood burned Pallet Planter Pair but wanted to decorate them differently. It was a great excuse to use the torch to burn the wood to highlight the woodgrain. […]


Wonderful Wishing Well Pallet Flower Planter

By Neokentin

I made this Wishing Well Pallet Flower Planter entirely from pallet wood. The project took a couple of days with extra hours, but the end result is quite satisfying.  I have […]


Diy Space-saving Vertical Pallet Herb Planter


If space is a challenge in your backyard – an upright herb & Strawberry planter is the solution. I created this in a couple of hours and put it up on my fence. It is only my second pallet project – so yes I am new to this!!! :)


Simply Cute Pallet Hanging Planter / Fioriera Da Appeso

By FLAB arredo pallets

Today, I present a very simple pallet project for next spring. Make an easy and cute Pallet Hanging Planter for yourself! This fun project will brighten up any dull outdoor […]

Pallet Door Set Surrounding Matching Planter Box

By Neokentin

We needed to replace two exterior doors due to rot from years of exposure. We made this Pallet Door Set Surrounding Matching Planter Box trio instead of spending lots of money […]


Cheerful Pallet Butterfly Planter Wall Art

By refaat

A butterfly 100% made of reclaimed wooden pallets.


Fast - Fun - Free Pallet Vertical Planter

By Leonardo Visuete

I wanted something to add a splash (or more) of color to my wall, but I didn’t want to do just a hanging plant. I wanted something unique. So, we […]

Versatile Pallet Troughs

By Neokentin

These Pallet Troughs can be used for raised-bed gardening, like feeders, or even lined with food-safe plastic and used for watering troughs. These versatile troughs don’t take long to build and aren’t […]

Terrific Pallet Tractor Planter

By chelsey129

Most of the tractor was made out of Pallet wood the spokes of course isnt but it did turn out nice

Pallet Potting Table

By Neokentin

I made this Pallet Potting Table in a day and used 2.5 pallets. Plus, it only cost me five dollars to build. Now I have a convenient table that I can […]

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