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Zen Pallet Planter Box

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I’m trying something new this time by doing a video of my Zen Pallet Planter Box. I’ll make it clear that I am a beginner at this. I did forget to film a few things, but editing is a serious challenge too! I spent quite a bit of time trying to speed things up! Who wants to see me cutting wood for an hour? It was a huge undertaking, and I haven’t decided if I’ll continue to video my projects. It really does add a whole new dimension, though. I can’t just get started and snap a few photos along the way. This involved a LOT of set up before I could even get going. But I do enjoy a challenge!

Be flexible and plan on adapting your projects like this Zen Pallet Planter Box!

The video doesn’t quite show how much I floundered along the way. Despite using pocket holes, I struggled to make this planter box really solid. I was clearly so focused on it being solid that I went overboard. The Zen Pallet Planter Box ended up being so solid that I probably could have hurled it across the yard and it would have remained intact. During the process, there were some edits to be made along the way.

This Zen Pallet Planter Box would look great on your front or back porch, terrace, or deck.

I initially purchased some 1 x 4″ boards to use as the top trim, but the size was all wrong. It was too thin and too wide. Pallet wood to the rescue! Some have a nice little 2×3″ ish piece down the center, and some don’t. I happened to have some I kept from an older pallet and thought the look went way better.

Editor’s note: We appreciate your efforts, and hope that you accept the challenge of more DIY videos! Way to go for your first one! 

Zen Pallet Planter Box DIY Pallet Video Tutorials Pallet Planters & Compost Bins
Zen Pallet Planter Box DIY Pallet Video Tutorials Pallet Planters & Compost Bins

Now all you need is a great Pallet King Size Sofa to enjoy looking at your beautiful planter!

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