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Crockery Mosaic Pallet Dining Table

  • 5 pallets

  • medium

  • 20h

  • $100

We recently moved into a new place and were in need of a dining table. As we are not in favor of buying new furniture if there is the chance we could build it ourselves, we didn't hesitate long! We made this Crockery Mosaic Pallet Dining Table combining pallet wood, crockery pieces, and new wood for the frame.

This Crockery Mosaic Pallet Dining Table features custom elements and a coffee-extract stain!

Our idea was to use wood reclaimed from pallets, but we didn't want a rustic pallet style. To make the table more original we decided to add broken crockery mosaic inlay between planks that split unevenly during the pallet dismantling process. The frame is made of new elements because the size of the table exceeds pallet dimensions. Next, we stained it with a mix of instant coffee extract and acrylic paints and then varnished over it using a polyurethane-based satin varnish. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in more details of the production method.

This Mosaic Pallet Dining Table features the character of pallet wood without a rustic finish.
We built a sturdy frame, leaving some of the pallet features, but finished it smooth.
This Mosaic Pallet Dining Table was finished using a mixture of coffee extract and sealants.
Try different ideas for finishes, like using a coffee extract to obtain a rich, deep color.
Red and white crockery bits were used on this Mosaic Pallet Dining Table.
If you're building your own furniture, customize it to suit your personal style! This table has inserts containing crockery bits in an appealing hand-made mosaic.
Mosaic Pallet Dining Table.
Creative ideas like this inlay can change a table into a wonderful heirloom piece.
Fill in the natural breaks and splits on your Mosaic Pallet Dining Table.
We utilized the natural breaks that happened during the dismantling process.
Mix in new products if you need in order to create the dimensions you want, like on this Mosaic Pallet Dining Table.
The frame is sturdy. We purchased new wood to ensure that it was straight and to the size we needed.
Mortise and tenon techniques were used on the frame of this Mosaic Pallet Dining Table.
I mortised the corners for a long-lasting joint. Wood glue adds extra strength.
A view of the structurally complete table, without stain or the mosaic inlay complete yet on this Mosaic Pallet Dining Table.
Here is the unfinished table, showing the gaps left by the damaged wood.

Another view of the top featuring the mosaic inlay on this Mosaic Pallet Dining Table.

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