Crockery Mosaic Pallet Dining Table

By Hesaurus

There was this voice and it told me: “Go and make a table. Use reclaimed wood and ceramics. Now GO!” So I went…

Mosaic Top Pallet Table

By Neokentin

This Mosaic Top Pallet Table was built as an outdoor table, but it is beautiful enough to take center stage in any formal dining room! How I built this Mosaic […]

Mosaic Pallet Coffee Table

By Neokentin

A coffee table made with pallet wood and decorated with a space invaders mosaic.


Upcycled Pallet Table With Mosaic Glass

By Neokentin

This is one of many that have been created by myself, friends and family. The inspiration for the subject is from my love for my little British car (MGB). I […]

Mosaic Pallet Table

By Neokentin

My sister and I make this rustic table for the back patio. This is the prototype, but I know there will be more to come.

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