Craft Paint Pallet Rack or Pallet Caddy

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This is not an original idea. I wish! I saw similar ideas here, and since I had scrap wood leftover from other pallet projects, as well as some of those wire panels from the DIY wire crate/shelving kits you get at the discount super centers, I decided I'd try my hand at one. I modified mine slightly. I liked the idea of the two spaced wire panels, but I wanted mine on an angle, as I don't like paint sitting up against the caps. So I cut four triangles and then used the band saw to make small notches in all four pieces, and then sanded them into round shapes with a simple rat-tail file. I didn't measure properly (well, not at all - I usually just eyeball things by holding them next to whatever I'm doing and mark with a pencil), so I had to add thin spacers on the outside of the triangles. I built a square out of some thin pallet wood that was really cool pine-beetle-nibbled scraps, but the pieces weren't long enough, so I planned for it and reinforced the splice with two scraps of red oak (also from pallets - see my locking storage bench project, haha). I then built a simple square frame to support the thin wood that made up the sides just to stabilize the project as well as enabling me to hang the craft paint caddy on the wall, OR uses the oak braces as handles and can carry the whole thing out to where I'm working. The wire squares were the boring original white, and they'd been misused over the course of their lifetime, so I spray painted them with some galvanized silver paint. The added bonus is that it snugged the openings up and also added a bit of friction, so that the bottles are secure, even at their angle when I transport them from the shed to the work area. I used a clear polyurethane coating for the wood - it's also old - called "Liquid Plastic." My husband couldn't remember when he bought it so it must be ancient, haha! So far, this rack has been very handy, but there is one HUGE, OBVIOUS PROBLEM: There are open holes. Time for shopping!






Bio: I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California, and enjoy woodworking with pallets. I've mad... read more

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Kim Hansell

Would be great for herbs and spices…think I’m gunna make one for my cupboard

Kelsey Johnson

David Braddy you’ll need to make one haha

Jessica Mcdonald

Sherry this one is cool! There are seriously like 30 outside my store right now! And probably 30 more inside lol

Sherry Kelley

Well, wee will try to get to them as soon as we can!

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