Fun Pallet Crafts for KidsChild/Dog Gate


by Dave

Child/Dog Gate

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 3h

  • $10

This is my first attempt so please bare with me. This gate was made due to a store bought child gate breaking. I used 1 pallet, cut in 12 pieces, ×2 T hinges, ×1 simple gate latch. I screwed a piece of wood to the wall as the wall was not plumb and I find it much easier to screw the gate to this once completed. After finding the width required (44″) i simply cut pieces to fit, similarly the same for the height (30″). Using app 50 screws in total and then assembled the gate, I presented the gate into the space just to make sure it was correct. I made sure the hinges were placed correctly before fixing permanently. Then with a piece of off cut I screwed to the wall first then screwed the gate latch to this, (you don’t have to do this step it’s just the way I do it).

Child/Dog Gate Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids
Child/Dog Gate Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids

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Marie-Christine Vilain

pour, mes copines assmat, çà doit revenir moins cher pour nous

Lorimierlavallee Gregoryet Maryse

Beau travail mais peut améliorer pour la suite .

Isabelle Kingsley

Jean-Sébastien pour remplacer celle des marches du sous sol . J adore!!

Brian Allan

Bloody works.on my 2

Sophie Mau

Ils sont malins ils vont passer dessous mdrrr

Stéphanie L'Italien
Reply to  Sophie Mau

Si le mien passe en dessous, il va rester pris…

Nancy Carpentier

j en avais une quasiment pareille sauf plus de bois et plus grosse pis marley la manger O_o lol

Ramon Guerrero

Ingrid Harlem esta es la buena !!!!!

Bonnie Rauwerdink

I wish I knew about this a few years ago when I spent tons on a gate.

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