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by Poobear

Burning Love: Pallet Valentine’s Sign Has Suncatcher Marbles

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 12h

  • $8

This Pallet Valentine’s Sign is a simple build! It features inlaid marbles that twinkle and sparkle in the sunlight in the shape of a heart. I burned an outline of a quote and highlighted the words with gold paint. This sign is a romantic reminder of your love!

Burnin’ Love: A Pallet Valentine’s Sign with Suncatcher Marbles!

I joined pallet boards with cross pieces on the back and sanded the surfaces flat. Next, I used a stencil to mark the quote in pencil. I used a wood burning iron to outline the quote. Then, I painted inside the burned wood lines with gold paint. I drew a heart on the boards as a guide. I drilled 14mm holes around the quote and pressed marbles into the holes. Finally, I finished the sign with a coat of marine varnish to protect against the elements. Hang this project on a fence, gate, or railing!

Burning Love: Pallet Valentine’s Sign Has Suncatcher Marbles Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting
Show your love with a sign that catches the sun!
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Tracy Timberman

How loving and romantic!!


I love that!!

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