Pallet TutorialsDIY Pallet Video TutorialsJoining Pallet Wood & Making Straight Boards

Joining Pallet Wood & Making Straight Boards

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Are you planning to build a pallet wall or pallet floor, do you need to know the perfect technique for joining pallet wood? Do you need straight boards? Today, I’ll show you in the video how I built a simple jig that will allow you to have straight boards without the need for a jointer.

I hope this video will help you with your next wall or floor or whatever pallet project where you need straight pallet boards.

Joining Pallet Wood & Making Straight Boards DIY Pallet Video Tutorials

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what if you haven’t a table saw ? I have nt nor room to put one sadly

Nick Briggs

Why not just use the fence on the table saw?


Because using the fence would still make a crooked board. Without one completely straight edge the rough side you want to cut will still be crooked.

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