Pallet TutorialsDIY Pallet Video TutorialsJoining Pallet Wood & Making Straight Boards

Joining Pallet Wood & Making Straight Boards

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 1h

  • $12

Are you planning to build a pallet wall or pallet floor, do you need to know the perfect technique for joining pallet wood? Do you need straight boards? Today, I’ll show you in the video how I built a simple jig that will allow you to have straight boards without the need for a jointer.

I hope this video will help you with your next wall or floor or whatever pallet project where you need straight pallet boards.

Joining Pallet Wood & Making Straight Boards DIY Pallet Video Tutorials
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what if you haven’t a table saw ? I have nt nor room to put one sadly

Nick Briggs

Why not just use the fence on the table saw?

Reply to  Nick Briggs

Because using the fence would still make a crooked board. Without one completely straight edge the rough side you want to cut will still be crooked.

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