Joining Pallet Wood & Making Straight Boards

By Karell

Are you planning to build a pallet wall or pallet floor, do you need to know the perfect technique for joining pallet wood? Do you need straight boards? Today, I’ll […]

Add Pizzazz Like This Small House Pallets Wall

By Leonardo Visuete

Do not have a budget to decorate your single or first home apartment? Do not worry, the pallets will be the solution.


Donald Brink Turns Unused Freight Pallets Into Surfboards

By Neokentin

While some have decided to build skateboards with pallet wood, shaper Donald Brink (California, USA) has found an excellent idea to mix his passion for surfing and surf shaping with […]

Pallet Cornhole Game Board (2nd of a Pair)

By HeatherStiletto

A game board doesn’t have to be ordinary – use different pallet woods to make it unique and extraordinary! This Cornhole Game Board is the 2nd of a pair built out of various tones of pallet woods to “color” the board tops naturally. Wood types including oak, pine, redwood, poplar, ash, and more.

Cornhole Game Board (1st of a Pair) out of Pallet Wood

By HeatherStiletto

A friend asked me to build her a game board. Silly me, I agreed, not knowing that there is a Cornhole Game Association, and there are all kinds of specifications, AND that a pair of the boards is needed. The other part was that I didn’t want it to cost my friends anything. I also wanted to incorporate some sentimental reclaimed wood from their aunt’s house, and was able to figure out a way!

Wedding Guest Board From Pallet Wood

By monica

A nice alternative to a wedding guest book! It then hangs in your home.

Shop Display Board

By Humber Wood Recycling Project

We created a board on which to display some of our sale items by fixing through onto a plywood backing individual pieces of pallet timber cut to run in two […]

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