Pallet FurniturePallet BarsOutdoor Tiki Bar Made With Repurposed Pallets

Outdoor Tiki Bar Made With Repurposed Pallets

  • 8 pallets

  • medium

  • 10h

  • $180

Tiki bar on the campsite I have on the Jersey Shore near Long Beach Island. It took one day to construct with eight pallets, and a few pieces of store-bought lumber.

Pallets = Free, miscellaneous lumber and materials around $180.00. Lots of fun to accessorize with fun signs and lighting. It’s the envy of the neighborhood!

Outdoor Tiki Bar Made With Repurposed Pallets Pallet Bars

Do you want to make a fun outdoor bar for your deck, backyard patio, or garden area? In two hours and with only two pallets and a few miscellaneous supplies, you’ll have a mini party-bar that you don’t have to elbow up to! Check out our tutorial (with video): Easy DIY Project: Pallet Outdoor Bar!

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Karen Stephen Skelton-Parsons

Tamika Rendall Stephen Parsons

Tamika Rendall

That is awesome!!

Danny Mariotti

Olha isso Sr Renato Eleuterio,


Is there a way to get a different view of this Tiki bar? I’d like to build it but lack the reverse engineering that is required to do so. Any suggestions?

Janet Fritz

Nice. Clever idea


love it we are actually at the same campsite and saw this on a after dinner stroll. :)

Lori Chauvin
Lori Chauvin

Love it! I want to make a lemonade stand for my 9 year old. I wanted to make it adult sized. This may work.

Pete Moate

Oh hell yes !! :)

Chelsie Constable

Kris Robbo Robinson this would b good in your back yard

Dawn Rook

Shame I don’t drink that could be one for the back garden

Reply to  Dawn Rook

Everyone drinks something! You could take a nice iced coffee or lemonade break at a garden bar like that. And still be productive afterwards :)

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