Pallet ProjectsPallet StaircasesBaby-proof Stairs Safety Door From 1 Pallet

Baby-proof Stairs Safety Door From 1 Pallet

When my kid started to walk we needed to prevent him from falling downstairs, so I took a pallet in good shape and sanded it. To make it fit the space just cut off two planks on one side, and since we have pets (two cats), I had to trim a piece of one plank in the lower left corner.

Baby-proof Stairs Safety Door From 1 Pallet Pallet Staircases

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Ray Hall

even got a cat flap !

Mandi Jane

Here’s a Chuck Norris safety door Clinten Watts

Nicolas Pavion

Oui je peut faire sa je bricole tous !!!

Elodie Papet
Reply to  Nicolas Pavion

Ba alors fait le à la maison

Emily Richards

Baby proof??I think not! That hole I suppose is for a cat or small dog, oorrr for babies head to get stuck. If it probable it’s possible.

Nathalie Pruneta
Nathalie Pruneta

bien sauf le trou pour le chat car un enfant peu passer sa tête!!

Annick Tasiaux

oui d’autant qu’un chat sait facilement sauter par dessus !

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