Pallet ProjectsPallet StaircasesWide, Sturdy, Attractive Pallet Stairs

Wide, Sturdy, Attractive Pallet Stairs

These Wide, Sturdy, Attractive Pallet Stairs were made entirely from repurposed American Pallets.  They are secured together as well as bolted securely to the adjacent walls.

Wide, Sturdy, Attractive Pallet Stairs:

Even if you don’t build a set of stairs all the way to a second floor, these stairs should be good inspiration if you need a porch or a smaller set of stairs for your builds. Please be sure to check with your local planning/zoning/code enforcement to ensure compliance with your building codes. Many stairways have specific requirements.

Wide, Sturdy, Attractive Pallet Stairs Pallet Staircases

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Christian Payssan

Ça prend toute la pièce, pas très jolie

Josep Vilaro Flotats

Bon inventor per fer una escala

Lidia Lorenzo

Qué original :)

Cala Arcos

Gabriel Thomas la llevan

Thierry Moriceau

il pallet y penser

Theodore Ti Geiss
Theodore Ti Geiss

Pretty cool!

Melanie Allen
Melanie Allen


Dragan Drobac
Dragan Drobac

waste of space

Michael Conner
Michael Conner

But ov’ course…

Caroline Kinnen

Moi qui cherchait comment me faire un escalier à pas cher pour descendre à l a cave. M’enfin, un poil encombrant, l’escalier, même sciée en deux, les palettes !

Délff Hetfield
Délff Hetfield

En effet :)

Sophie Guyot
Sophie Guyot

Ça c’est de l’escalier

Zetpete Dizajn via Facebook
Zetpete Dizajn via Facebook



necesito decorar una tienda de ropa con palet.podeis darme ideas GRACIAS.

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