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10 Creative Ways to Use Recycled Pallets to Decorate Your Home

If you’re looking for a way to give your home a more rustic, handmade vibe, reclaimed wood is the way to go. Recycled pallets, in particular, are a cost-effective and trendy way to achieve this goal. Pallets can be used for scrap wood or repurposed for storage or shelving, but they also have many other creative uses. Here are ten of the most innovative and achievable recycled pallet decoration projects around.

Dining table

Using reclaimed wood to create a rustic dining table is a relatively simple way of bringing a distinct farmhouse style to your home. Using recycled pallets makes the job even easier and can give a table extra wow factor. The DIY project comes with step-by-step instructions but feels free to get creative!

Platform bed

For a distinctly Scandinavian feel, recreate this trendy raised bed frame from wooden pallets. There are dozens of other similar tutorials online, so if you’re looking for something slightly more polished, let Google be your guide.


If you want to redecorate your bedroom but aren’t looking to make a platform bed out of your reclaimed wood, try a headboard like this one, made using planks from used pallets. The result is both rustic and romantic.

Coffee table

One of the most common recycled pallet projects, an easy coffee table DIY, can be stepped up a level by adding a coat of paint in a bold color or a glossy stain. A bright, vibrant table like this one will certainly stand out and become a focal point of your living room.

10 Creative Ways to Use Recycled Pallets to Decorate Your Home Pallet Home Accessories Pallet Home Décor Ideas
via Better Homes and Gardens

Room divider

If you want to separate open plan spaces, a room divider gives a great, portable solution to any free flow privacy issues your home might have. A recycled pallet divider is unique, rustic, and vintage, so feel free to leave the wood unfinished or give it a distressed faux look for maximum effect.

Wine rack

Recycled pallets provide quick and straightforward wall storage. There are many DIY projects out there for pallet shelving units, but for a more creative decorating solution, try making your wine rack and glass storage. Hang this unit in a bar area or dining room, and you and your guests will swear you’re visiting a Napa Valley winery.

10 Creative Ways to Use Recycled Pallets to Decorate Your Home Pallet Home Accessories Pallet Home Décor Ideas
via Etsy

Laundry storage

This storage unit DIY comes with step-by-step instructions to take all the guesswork out of your upcycling project. After sanding and forming this repurposed pallet wood into a laundry organization station, it’s nearly impossible to tell where it originally came from.

Vertical planter

If your home is in need of greenery, but you only have use of a small balcony or indoor space near a window or door, then this vertical planter project is the perfect solution. By arranging plants vertically, you save valuable floor space and maximize room for growth. Ingenious upcycled micro gardens such as these were crafty and creative.

10 Creative Ways to Use Recycled Pallets to Decorate Your Home Pallet Home Accessories Pallet Home Décor Ideas
via 1001gardens

Shoe Rack

After you’ve completed a DIY pallet shoe rack project, you will swear that pallets were created for this purpose. The slats lend themselves perfectly to holding shoes, and the height of the pallets gives much-needed storage without sacrificing too much floor space.


One of the most off-the-wall (excuse the pun) projects out there for recycled pallets is a tiled pallet ceiling. More affordable than other reclaimed wood, pallet wood gives the same stunning effect to any surface but is particularly striking at the top of a room. Use in your bedroom for a soft, romantic escape or in a dining or living space to recreate a rustic country feel.

As this list makes abundantly clear, there is virtually no end to the variety of home decor projects available for your recycled pallets. The challenge, then, is to find a way to make your DIY truly unique and to suit your home perfectly. For more design ideas and inspiration, head to Modernize.com.

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