Pallet Wood Fireplace

  • 7 pallets

  • medium

  • 8h

  • $30

Don’t like your boring, run-of-the-mill fireplace? Built a new Pallet Wood Fireplace surround! This took seven pallets and about 8 hours. Total cost was 30 bucks!

Here’s the steps – short-and-simple, to build your own Pallet Wood Fireplace surround:

  1. Get pallets
  2. Break Pallets Apart
  3. Separate wood into piles of different widths
  4. Layout a few rows manually
  5. Sand the wood
  6. Paint or stain the wood if desired (Step 5 & 6 can be alternated)
  7. Create a sub-frame for the deck boards to be mounted to
  8. Attach pallets with air nailer and Liquid Nails
  9. Add a fire retardant spray or put it in with your paint or stain in step 6
  10. Finish the project
  11. Take Photo
  12. Post on

Editor’s Note: There are several options for reducing the fire risk around a fireplace. You can use insulative materials such as firebrick, fire-retardant insulations, etc. between the high-temp walls and the outer covering of flammable materials. Fireproofing drywall materials are also available. 

You can add flame-retardant paint additives to the paint you plan to use. There are coatings, such as flame-retardant coating-slash-primers that can be used as base coats. Top coats can be applied to the exterior surfaces of flammables around high temperatures (or risk of embers, etc.).  

Whenever you are working with anything that could be risky (electrical, plumbing, or, in this case, fire), always check with your local planning, zoning, and/or code enforcement departments. There may be specific, local fire codes that you would be required to adhere to. 

Pallet Wood Fireplace Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting
Pallet Wood Fireplace Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting

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