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Wow - Pallet Bathroom Makeover!

  • 3 pallets

  • medium

  • 10h

  • $10

Don’t pay a fancy designer store prices for “reclaimed” or “shabby-chic”, poor-quality products. Make your own Pallet Bathroom Makeover, and give your bathroom a gorgeous facelift for under 20 bucks!

The inspiration for my Pallet Bathroom Makeover:

I made these because I was tired of looking at the same old bathroom for 25 years. First, I started with redesigning the bathroom mirror. The primary material is pallet wood. I used chipboard/flakeboard as the backing so I could build it and then install it over the existing mirror. It was important to me to find deck boards with a lot of character. During assembly of the frame, I put a couple of small pieces of wood in between the longer frame pieces and added additional support underneath to create small, decorative shelves.

Also, I had a little fun with arranging the wood grain in two different directions, as well as cutting down more deck boards into approximately 1” strips to trim out the wider boards. It just added a little interest in my opinion.

Next, I sanded, removing the rough areas and splinters, but kept some of the beautiful pallet texturing. I stained it all in a Golden Pecan and applied two coats of polyurethane.

Pallet Bathroom Makeover – the wall sconces & towel rack:

Next was the wall sconces. To make the sconces, I glued three smaller pieces of deck boards together and clamped them after cutting the center boards slightly longer to give that rustic look, but have the consistency of a matched set. I allowed them to dry and mounted a trimmed-down piece of deck board horizontally to provide support. Then I mounted two small eye hooks on the top for a place to install chain so I could hang them on the walls.

To make the lights, I used mason jars, painted the tops and wrapped a piece of thick wire around the neck of the jars, securing it with a twist at the backs after running the wire through pieces of chain. I used battery-powered flickering tea lights, so I didn’t have to deal with messy candle clean-up. The final piece of this part of the project was two larger cup hooks to hang the jars from.

The towel rack was a fun idea. I cut pieces of logs and drilled out holes to hold a wooden dowel, and mounted them on the wall.

Pallet Bathroom Makeover – the tissue box:

I wasn't happy with the plain old tissue box, so I made a pallet box to keep it in. So, I simply butt-joined four pieces, cut slightly larger than the dimensions of the larger, rectangular tissue boxes and attached them together with screws around another deck board that created the bottom. I chose wood with lots of defects and old hardware (and hardware stains!) purposely. Next was the top of the tissue box. This time, I mitered the corners. You could glue or use fasteners as this is not a weight-bearing piece. Also, you could recess hinges if you wanted, or just use it as a box weight and let it simply sit on top of the tissue box.

Pallet Bathroom Makeover – side table and medicine cabinet door:

Next, I made the little table from pallet wood, inspired by a table I saw in a little shop located in Indiana. This is a very simple style of table, but I raised the elegance by tapering the legs and used a wide deck board that had some live-edge as a decorative touch. I cut two pieces of wood into rough square shapes to provide a base of the frame. I cut the legs to the height I wanted and then tapered them. Next, I screwed them to the two square wooden pieces, securing with screws. I added the table top of the live-edge board and mounted it from underneath so I wouldn’t have screws marring the top.

Lastly, I covered the medicine cabinet using lightweight veneer and pallet wood glued to the mirror. I used a little scrap of wood to carve a little handle and glued it in place. And the cost of this Pallet Bathroom Makeover? TEN BUCKS. I hope you like my Pallet Bathroom Makeover - we are proud of it!

Editor’s Note: Very nice job, indeed! PS - Did you make the wooden rubber-band shooters too?



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