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Workshop/Shed Using Pallet Wood and Other Recycled Lumber

  • 90 pallets

  • medium

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  • $1200

I needed a space outside of my home to work on projects or just have a place to hang out. I decided on a 12'x16' foot building because of building code restrictions in my area.

The main cost of the project was put towards the building foundation. I needed to use quality materials so it would last for quite some time.

This is made out of pressure treated wood for the skids and floor framing and the shed floor is normal 3/4" plywood. For the walls, I got a good supply of free pallets from a local paint company. I got them all from the same place so they would all be the same type and size.

The hardest part of building with pallets is trying to put them together so this really helps. The pallets are mostly nailed together and have 2x4 studs in between them to make the walls stronger. I had the studs from an old woodshed I tore down that was in this exact spot. On the outside of the pallets, I installed a free 1/2" OSB board that I came from building crates. I then covered all that with roofing paper that I purchased from our local box store. This helped tie everything together so there wasn't any movement in the walls and hopefully keep out any water.

The exterior sheathing is pallet wood and, took the longest to cut and install because the top and bottom edges have a 45-degree angle on them so water should not be able to get behind the wood. I then put a coat of exterior stain & sealant on the wood to protect it.

The roof is made from 16 foot 2x8's that I picked up from a contractor that was building a new car wash in my town. I was driving by one day and saw these huge pallets and stopped by and he was nice enough to offer them to me for free. I only had to buy 2 extra ones for my roof. The roof sheathing is the same OSB from the wooden crates I had and I purchased roofing paper. Half of the roof shingles were given to me from a friend at work and I purchased the rest from the local box store trying to match them the best I could.

Check out my YouTube channel to see the complete build.


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