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Video Tutorial: License Plate Pallet Wood Planter

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 1.5h

  • $5

This License Plate Pallet Wood Planter is made featuring an old license plate as a fun focal point. It has a flashing lining so you can directly plant vegetation right into it. It can be used indoors or outdoors!

Use something unique to decorate your creations:

First, cut your bottom and side pieces for your planter box. Make them the size you desire. Cut small grooves on the side and bottom pieces for your license plates to fit into when assembled. A table saw makes quick work of this. Cut down another pallet board into thin strips for the front/back of the planter box. Use a router to roll over the edges of the pieces if you desire a more finished effect. Sand all your pieces. Begin assembling the box, fitting the license plates into the grooves you created. Use wood glue between the wood joints, and a brad nailer to secure.

Add cute sisal rope handles:

Drill two holes at either end of the planter box to accommodate the diameter of the rope you choose. Next, cut down a 1×1″ piece of wood to cover the length of both handles. Router the corners over and sand down. Cut into two pieces, then drill a hole down the center slightly larger than the diameter of your rope. Sand the edges, insert the rope, and secure inside the box with several brad nails to also flatten the rope.

This little License Plate Pallet Wood Planter would be adorable both indoors and outdoors!

BE SURE TO USE GLOVES for this step! Cut galvanized roofing flashing down to the sizes you need to line the sides and bottom of your box with tin snips. Apply flashing adhesive to the backs and secure the pieces in place. Press pieces in place firmly. Apply any stains, sealants, or paints you choose to the outside. Fill with pre-potted plants or your favorite blend of potting soil and fill it with flowers, herbs, or other plants of your choosing!

I’ve included a video tutorial to help you out with this project.

Video Tutorial: License Plate Pallet Wood Planter DIY Pallet Tutorials Pallet Planters & Compost Bins

Here’s a fun idea for a Suspended Garden Planter idea!

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Maurane Macaluso

Regarde Jona Pastore pour ta déco! 😍

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