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by John Edmunds

Versatile Pallet Troughs

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These Pallet Troughs can be used for raised-bed gardening, like feeders, or even lined with food-safe plastic and used for watering troughs. These versatile troughs don’t take long to build and aren’t too hard to make either.

How I made these versatile Pallet Troughs:

I began by cutting four legs I cut four legs to 25 inches long from the large 2×3″ pallet stringers. Next, I mounted them in an “X” shape by overlapping them and nailed them in the center point. Then I cut eighteen deck boards to 58 1/2 cm (approximately 23″). I installed four pieces down one side to stabilize the two sets of legs. Then I repeated on the other side to cover the outside of the trough. Next, I filled in the valley of the trough with three to four pieces of wood (depending on the width of the deck boards). I capped off the top of the troughs with a board on each side.

To finish off the Pallet Troughs I covered the outsides with more deck boards, trimming to fit the diamond shape formed by the build. I coated them with an exterior paint and will put them to use soon.

Versatile Pallet Troughs Pallet Planters & Compost Bins
Versatile Pallet Troughs Pallet Planters & Compost Bins
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