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How To Use Pallet Collars for Raised Bed Gardens - Experience from Sweden

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How To Use Pallet Collars for Raised Bed Gardens - Experience from Sweden Pallet Planters & Compost Bins

You are used to recycling pallets, but another pallet accessory can be even more useful, especially for raised garden beds. You can recycle pallet collars into impressive gardening walls that can easily help you to have a lovely garden without the cost of construction that it would usually take. In Sweden, people can buy pallet collars at most home improvement stores to use in their gardens because they are that popular.

How To Use Pallet Collars for Raised Bed Gardens - Experience from Sweden Pallet Planters & Compost Bins

This smart alternative to cutting, hammering and building up a garden box can provide anyone with space they need to grow beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables. There are plenty of benefits to using pallet collars to make the most out of your garden. In Sweden, the practice is so popular that there are clubs for pallet garden gardeners to join and share tips and tricks.

Space savings is a huge pull for these pallet collar gardens not only in Sweden but around the world especially in urban areas where a room is always at a premium. The beauty of these collars can be stacked to create deeper raised gardens where you can grow root vegetables. You do not even need any tools to stack up against your pallet garden beds.

Just stack the collars are high as you want and add dirt! That is what you call the easy way out. You can grow anything that you want creating beds from pallet collars.

How To Use Pallet Collars for Raised Bed Gardens - Experience from Sweden Pallet Planters & Compost Bins

Not Just for Plants

In Sweden, they are using pallet collars not just to create raised beds in the gardens but to build everything from compost benches to small greenhouses. A hot bench can be set up by adding some manure under the pallet collar. All you have to do is dig a pit before the first real frost sets in during the fall. Once early spring arrives you add the manure to the pit with about 50 cm outside where you will place the pallet collar.

Place the pallet collar around the pit and cover with plastic or frosted glass and just wait until the temperature heats up inside and plant your seeds.

You can also create a compost bin area with pallet collars. Just stack up a few collars and add a lid. Add kitchen scraps and other debris and mix it all up every few days, in a couple of months you will have the richest soil for your garden vegetables.

How To Use Pallet Collars for Raised Bed Gardens - Experience from Sweden Pallet Planters & Compost Bins

Other benefits of using pallet collars in your garden include:

  • Reduction in weeds
  • Better access
  • Keeps in moisture/less watering
  • Inexpensive

Pallet collars in the garden can help to keep weeds out of the plants. The walls can help to keep the amount of weeding down to a minimum. They also allow for much easier access; you do not have to stoop over to get to the plants. Using pallet collars also helps to keep the moisture in your garden by providing a barrier to run off after you water the area. Pallet collars are inexpensive, especially if you recycle ones that have been used already.

They are an excellent way to make the most of the space in your yard. They are also a great way of keeping your plants safe and out of the way of other outdoor living. In Sweden, pallet collar raised beds are a usual site because of their effectiveness and easy install abilities.

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Viny Bro

What wood would you use for planks? I tank actual pallet wood is not good for growing veggies because of the traitement they receive.

Dennis Hanna

This is the garden in full bloom last July…….

Dennis Hanna

I have changed the garden to a railway theme this year….. I have replaced the front beds with planks and reused the pallets for a compost bin in front of the shed door and by adding an additional layer to the beds at the back.. They have lasted quite well from 2011.

Dennis Hanna

This is the garden I created in 2011 using pallet collars. They are really easy to use and a garden can be created on virtually any patch of flat land. They can even stand on a paved or concrete yard. Simply cover the base with weed liner or lay a large sheet of liner on the ground and treat the wood with preserver or paint. I put bark chippings between the beds to act as a path. You can use a modular method by starting with one bed and simply adding further beds when necessary. I put mine straight on… Read more »

Denise Broomhall
Denise Broomhall

Hi, does anyone know where I can get the pallet collars from in the UK.

Dennis Hanna

I’ve been doing this for years. It’s a good way to start a garden and can be done in a few hours on more or less any surface.

Manuel De Nadai

Disponible à la Scierie de Steinbourg, j en commercialise
Tarif sur simple demande

Henri Cuney

Mai ou on peux en n’avoir?

Martine Meunier

Mon fils, entraîneur de chevaux de course, se fait livrer les aliments pour ses chevaux dans ce type de container mais les cadres sont consignés.

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