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Ultimate Planetary Pallet Kid's Playhouse!

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I made this Planetary Pallet Kid's Playhouse project using roughly 30 pallets (I lost count). This playhouse is a spherical shell made up of 2 halves, and with the skylights, it is my kid's favorite place to play!

Become the most popular parents (or grandparents) in town by making this Planetary Pallet Kid's Playhouse!

I designed the diameter of the playhouse to measure 1.6m. I chose this size because it is big enough for my two kids to fit inside comfortably. The bottom half is made up of 3 sections, one 90 degrees, and the other two 135 degrees. I made the 90-degree piece first to see if it was possible to make. The top half I made in one complete go so there were no sections to join and quicker to manufacture but built outside as space was limited in my garage.

Budget some time to make a project like this Planetary Pallet Kid's Playhouse.

It was a very time-consuming process. I assembled each layer using sections of the pallet (about 20 pieces in a full circle) roughly cut to shape. Then, I glued them down and nailed them in place while the glue set. I removed the nails and routed the wood to the inner radius, then the outer radius. Once I cut the curves, I hammered the nails back in for extra strength. I removed the nails during routing. Otherwise, I was breaking too many router blades!

Start saving those pallets to make this Planetary Pallet Kid's Playhouse as the ultimate holiday gift!

I used Gorilla Glue as it is waterproof and relatively easy to use rather than an epoxy or such since epoxies require a catalyst. Then I repeated the process for the next layer.  Each hemisphere is 70 cm tall an contains roughly 40 layers. I attached the router to a jig that cut 78cm and 80 cm from a central bolt in the middle (see photo). This jig rotates on a central bolt that is attached to an MDF base. However, it can hinge up as you add layers.

Sand this Planetary Pallet Kid's Playhouse smooth for little hands and feet to enjoy for years to come!

After cutting the shell, I sanded it inside and out using a sanding disc on a power drill. This process was the easiest way to handle the curves. I then laminated the inside with fiberglass cloth for strength as the wall of the shell was only 15mm thick. Next, I coated the sections in 4 layers of yacht varnish and bolted together. I attached the legs to a round base. The whole shell rests on top and held in place by three chains anchored to the equator.

This Planetary Pallet Kid's Playhouse has astounding finishing touches!

I cut the door out with a jigsaw because I wanted a circular door to fit in with the overall design. Also, I wanted it to look a little like a bulkhead door on a submarine. I covered the top of the sphere with an 80cm disc of 6mm acrylic. I used heat to form the dome with limited success.  Next, I added two windows, as without any ventilation it was a bit of a sauna inside and a friend gave me the acrylic domes (which he had found in a skip).

Ultimate Planetary Pallet Kid's Playhouse! Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses
We cut the access door to resemble a submarine bulkhead and cut out with a jigsaw.
Ultimate Planetary Pallet Kid's Playhouse! Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses
I sealed the playhouse with four coats of yacht varnish.
Ultimate Planetary Pallet Kid's Playhouse! Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses
Here is my overall design sketch.
Ultimate Planetary Pallet Kid's Playhouse! Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses
Assembling the sections and test-fitting.
Ultimate Planetary Pallet Kid's Playhouse! Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses
I made this router jig setup to build this playhouse.

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Totally made me think of Roli Poli Oli

Dee Hansen

Janaya. How cool is this? That’s a lot of pallets!!

Kalle Fran Langedrag

Looks a little like the wooden submarine outside Barcelona maritime museum….

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