Fun Pallet Crafts for KidsTrolley-line Pallet Skateboarding Performance!

Trolley-line Pallet Skateboarding Performance!

Trolley-line Pallet Skateboarding Performance! Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids

Performance made with standartized europallet, modified to ride in the tram tracks. Realized in Bratislava, Slovakia, 2008.

The space between the tram tracks in Bratislava is 435 mm narrower than  the gauge of tracks in Prague or Pilsen (1435 mm). The wooden europallet,  a basic feature of any warehouse or storage hall, with its standartized  1200×800 mm dimensions, when modified can only run on the tracks  in Bratislava.

A new transport vehicle brings change into the spatial perspective of a passenger  in motion and generally changes the life of the city, through which the pallet can run, guided by a map of the city lines.

Pallet © Tomáš Moravec, 2008 from Tomáš Moravec on Vimeo.

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Alison Schoemaker

Ethan Schoemaker maybe you could try this in the city lol

Tamika Marie

Jordan Pack

Eliane Vaccavo'

Seria uma ótima opção para o trabalho.

Ednilce Furlanetto
Ednilce Furlanetto

Eu vi a um tempo atrás amiga ….. achei o máximo esse cara, muita criatividade !! Daí imaginei depois as outras pessoas da cidade fazendo igual ….. e o congestionamento nos trilhos !!! kkkkk

Ariela Marquez
Ariela Marquez

que divertido

Sylvie Lecas
Sylvie Lecas

c’est marrant comme idée mais pour freiner il fait comment ?

Dom Plante
Dom Plante

va le contrôler celui-là Christophe Jordi….

Armando De Dominici
Armando De Dominici

it’s not a fake.. Bratislava SNP Square.. the problem is about police.. not so eas to escape them.. :-)

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