Pallets in the GardenPallet Planters & Compost BinsTerrific Pallet Tractor Planter

Terrific Pallet Tractor Planter

  • 1 pallet

  • medium

  • 12h

  • $3

Skip the store-bought planters and make this terrific Pallet Tractor Planter! You could make this project for under 4 dollars, and it could be a lovely focal point in your garden.

How I made my Pallet Tractor Planter:

First, I dismantled a pallet and used the stringer board to make the frame and wheels. I cut the wheels at 30-degree angles on each end. I had to be very accurate when I cut the wheel pieces. They need to be the same length, or the angles won’t match up well. Next, I built two simple boxes that will become the planters and mounted them to the sub-frame.

I used stronger pieces to make the vertical “cabin” area over the front box and secured them to the sub-frame. Next, I made the canopy by using a deck board flat across the two verticals, and then trimmed it out on each side with more pieces of wood.

To make the front wheels and steering wheel, I used some of the wide lead boards and cut the small circles out. I secured the steering wheel to an angled piece of wood and got it to the height I wanted. Next, I drilled the wheels out partially and then secured them to the frame. I plugged the holes with a contrasting color of the stained wood. I also stained the spokes a darker color to make them look like metal.

Finishing this Pallet Tractor Planter:

Now the fun part – getting that beautiful color! I used a torch to lightly burn the wood. Do this in a safe area, and be careful. It doesn’t take much to color the wood. Of course, you could stain, paint, or do other types of finishes if you chose. I’m pleased with the outcome of this project, and can’t wait to see gorgeous flowers blooming out over the sides of the planter boxes.

Terrific Pallet Tractor Planter Pallet Planters & Compost Bins
Terrific Pallet Tractor Planter Pallet Planters & Compost Bins

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I would luv to make one for my brother. Would you be willing to share the dimensions??


What a fantastic project love it


Love this project.

Susan Hone

Very creative….would look gorgeous filled with all kinds of flowers or decorations for the seasons as they change let alone all the holiday decorations! Have to share this!

Reply to  Susan Hone

I agree with you! It would be fun to have…. or build… Happy Palleting! Heather the admin. assistant

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