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Terrific Pallet Lounge Set Updates Plain Yard

  • 18 pallets

  • medium

  • 60h

  • $350

We made a Terrific Pallet Lounge Set, complete with a sectional sofa, coffee table, and a BBQ set with twin tables. The project took 18 pallets and about 60 hours. We were able to complete the project for about 350 dollars. Went hunting for pallets, as you would, found a few around but where either outsized or not the standard EU Pallet size, which put a dent in the project completion. I found 12 pallets, but they were once again oversized, had to be cut short, or dismantled manually.

Update your ordinary yard while keeping your bank full by making your own Terrific Pallet Lounge Set!

I made the sofa using about 8 to 10 pallets. We made the BBQ area/bar using another six pallets. We made the BBQ using free standing pallets on their outside rim, filling it with bricks that fit perfectly (10x20cm). Then we stacked them up, in and out, using planks from the pallets as guides and limits. We made a few shelves, a garden table and waterproof dog beds. The sail only cost 40 Pounds (GBP) and the fixings another 80 Euro. The total cost of the project was 300 Euro. Completion time: 4 weekends.

Look what you can make from 16 or so pallets! Add a terrific sectional sofa, a coffee table, and an outdoor BBQ kitchen with twin work tables for prepping up and serving.
Here's a view of our original back yard.
This clever little BBQ is protected with cinder blocks on the back and surrounded with fire bricks to create an area to hold the BBQ box and the grill. There are two shelves to raise and lower the grate. It is flanked by two work tables for prepping and serving. Add an attractive stainless steel hood, and you can direct the smoke away and protect your grill when it's drizzling.
Here's another view of the outdoor BBQ kitchen area.
This is a clever design - and you can cut a pallet in half to create both legs.
We purchased a shade sail to make it more comfortable to be outdoors in the summer.

Make yourself some Indoor Vertical Planter Frames! How about adding a Pallet Lounge Chaise?

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