Update or renovate your kitchen with upcycled wood pallets for your cupboards, backsplash, cabinets and more! Stainless steel is overpriced and overrated – upscale looks on a budget are what’s really in fashion for your dream kitchen!

Want to make a small change in the most popular room in the house, or is it time for a full renovation? Either way, you can accomplish your goals with inspiration found here at 1001pallets.com. Take out those old tiles and add in a wood pallet backsplash, or even a whole set of pallet countertops! Update the cabinets with new doors, or add shelves to your existing pantry area. Even simple additions like a spice rack or a trash bin cabinet can update the look and feel of your room! Build a wine rack and add to your party decor. Don’t forget about dining tables, buffets, and more!

Kitchen makeovers – Dream Big or Small! Add storage, workspace, organization, and coordination to your room. Don’t forget a bit of fun with party items too! What if you have a great kitchen, but you need more space for prepping your meals? How about adding a kitchen island? Pallet kitchen islands can add a lot of functional space and storage to a room! It’s all possible with pallets and a little imagination! Since this is the heart of your home, make an organizer for a place the whole family can communicate! We even have ideas for an office kitchenette, and kid’s play kitchens! If you like your stainless steel, then add a gorgeous update by making a pallet bar and dining center! You can even build your own pallet lighting or even a kid’s high chair!


Rustic Pie Safe Pallet Cabinet Adds Charm & Storage!


Beautiful Pallet Bistro Table With Soda Pop Logo


Upcycled Wood Dinner Table


Upcycled Wood Dining Table


Pallet/Crate Dining Table


Metal-topped Rolling Pallet Kitchen Island


Attractive Pallet Chevron Dining Table


Pallet Wood Stacked Shelves


Indoor/Outdoor Pallet Dining Room Table

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