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Upcycled Wood Dining Table

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This Industrial Pallet Dining Table features mid-century style table legs and upcycled lumber. Although this Upcycled Wood Dining Table isn't made from pallet wood, you can apply this idea to your next pallet project!

If you have a larger family, this Upcycled Wood Dining Table is the perfect project for you!

This table can comfortably accommodate up to eight people. It is perfect for family gatherings, game nights, or a poker night for the adults!

Watch the time-lapse video to learn how to build a Upcycled Wood Dining Table.

This beautiful Upcycled Wood Dining Table can seat eight people comfortably.
Imagine having a dining table that would comfortably seat eight people and look gorgeous doing it!
This Upcycled Wood Dining Table features beautiful retro hairpin legs.
Retro hairpin legs lend an industrial feel to this project.
The upcycled wood in this project has lovely graining and texture to add character to the Upcycled Wood Dining Table.
The character and texture of the upcycled wood used in this project add to the appeal of the project.

Fabrication table à manger avec récup de l'atelier

Hello les amis ! Je partage avec vous ma dernière vidéo afin que vous puissiez la retrouver dans la bibliothèque de la page ✔Suivez moi aussi sur ma chaîne YouTube 😍😍http://bit.ly/2onZywTBy Norton Abrasifs France ; Bosch Bricolage & Jardinage France Ryobi France Wolfcraft France RoyalPosthumus Bessey Korman Outillage & Jardinage France Milwaukee Tools France SPAX SPAX U.S. Leman Triton Tools France DIY & Crafts

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Make a mobile coffee or espresso cart!  Make pretty Handmade Wooden Hearts!


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Aurel Hubert

J’ adore !

Jean Perea

By Adopteunecaisse


This cannot be made from pallets and offers no inspiration for working with pallets, why its here I don’t know and now feel this site has died…does anyone know of a site for just pallet work, that appreciates pallet woodwork?


Hi Palletmanmark,
Even if we are a pallet site that you know since a long time, sometimes we publish other woodworking inspirations when we feel they are interesting.
The site has not died at all, we continue to publish pallet ideas every single day… it’s a little sad to read “…now feel this site has died” just because we publish a “not pallet” idea from time to time :(


Hi Palletmanmark – once in a while we get a great DIY vid that is absolutely adaptable to ANY type of upcycled/recycled wood idea. We have several new projects from pallets coming in almost daily, and as I help process them, they’re real. I recently contributed my own pallet shed that’s 3′ x 21′ x 6′ tall that took me a couple months around work to build, so perhaps it’s just that you happened to spot something that wasn’t made from pallets – and we’re quite open about disclosing the fact if that’s the case, such as, “Although this project… Read more »

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