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Rustic Pie Safe Pallet Cabinet Adds Charm & Storage!

  • 8 pallets

  • medium

  • 10h

  • $10

I built this rustic Pie Safe Pallet Cabinet from up-cycled wood. It features a wire-screen door and two sturdy shelves with three storage slots. I made this using oak boards.

This Pie Safe Pallet Cabinet hearkens back to the old days when pies cooled in wire-screened cabinets.

My son is employed at a tank factory and brought home large 4" x 4" x 4' oak stacker boards that come between pallets of sheet metal. I planed two of these down and removed the rough and weathered outer layer. Next, I ripped them down on my table saw to use as vertical pieces of the frame. The horizontal parts, as well as the shelf supports, were cut from pallet runners. My wife and I work at a large cabinet factory and were able to bring home some discontinued 3/8" quarter-sawn oak slats. I used them for the remaining frame and shelf support pieces. Then I covered the side and top with pallet deck boards. I attached the pallet wood using wood glue and 1 1/4" trim nails.

A Pie Safe Pallet Cabinet has to have a door, right?

I ripped down more of the solid oak to make a small frame for the door. Then, I attached pallet deck boards over them with the screen in between. My only cost was $4 for the hinges and the small price of glue, stain, polyurethane, etc. I stained it Early American and applied one coat of satin poly. It was 44" tall by 18" wide and 18" deep. I listed this on the Facebook garage sale sites and sold it in less than 24 hours for $125.

Pie Safe Pallet Cabinet features upcycled oak and pallet wood.
Mixing and matching tones and textures add to the rustic charm of a project.
The Pie Safe Pallet Cabinet is complete; door is installed, and the project is ready for staining.
After installing the door, I stained the cabinet.
Pie Safe Pallet Cabinet is complete; door is in place and project is stained.
Here is my completed cabinet. Build one for your home!
Pie Safe Pallet Cabinet mixes wood grain directions for rustic charm.
Mix directions of wood, as I did for the shelves. It adds to the rustic charm.

Turn empty cans into creative storage solutions for your home! Build a pallet cutlery tray for your next picnic or backyard party!

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