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Stupendous Rustic Pallet Bathroom Transformation!

  • 6 pallets

  • easy

  • 150h

  • $150

The most time-consuming part of this rustic pallet bathroom project was getting the wood ready. Sanding made the wood too new, so I stained with driftwood stain. I wiped it and then applied dark walnut and wiped again. This layered stain process created the aged look. I finished it with poly to seal.

Getting started on my rustic pallet bathroom: the demolition!

I removed all the old trim in the room. Demolition is always fun. I made the towel rack, window valance, shelf, toilet tissue holder, and wall art all from pallet wood ahead of actually doing the room. Then I took down the light fixture, sprayed it black and installed glass canning jars over the bulbs.

Painting the walls before installing pallet wood.

I mixed paint to get the wall color I wanted from old paint I had and gave the room two coats...then the measuring, cutting and installing the short wall, door trim, and window trim. I used a brad nailer with 1 1/4" brads but had to use screws in some areas. Next, I built the countertop from pallet wood on a piece of plywood and used marine varnish on top. I couldn't remove the mirror frame as I discovered that the mirror was not glued to the wall as I expected. So, I had to wait till I took the vanity apart so I could immediately install the bottom piece of a frame for the mirror to hold it up.

Adapting ideas for my Rustic Pallet Bathroom: Expect the unexpected!

I rebuilt the vanity and made a curtain for in front instead of doors. Finally, I purchased the sink and faucet after lots of research to find exactly what I wanted. That meant I had to drill holes in the new countertop after installing it. Boy, did I fight with the plumbing only because of the age of the existing pipes but I got it. Next was hanging the towel rack, shelf, and decor. I purchased to flooring; just peel and stick tiles. It was easy to install. I stained and applied polyurethane on everything and added 1/4 round molding for around the floor and viola. DONE! It took me a month but It was just me, and I'm 63 and disabled. I am so excited. It turned out exactly the way I envisioned it.

My bathroom before I transformed it into a Rustic Pallet Bathroom.
My bathroom before I started the pallet project. It was okay, but it wasn't anything to write home about.
Rustic Pallet Bathroom
Another shot of my pallet bathroom.
A pallet wood holder/dispenser for the most important paper in the Rustic Pallet Bathroom.
A holder/dispenser for the most important paper in the house.
One of the completed storage shelves in my Rustic Pallet Bathroom.
One of the completed storage shelves.
The combination towel rack and storage shelf in my Rustic Pallet Bathroom.
The combination towel rack and storage shelf looks great against the wall color.
Custom towel racks out of old branches that were carved smooth adorn my Rustic Pallet Bathroom.
I had to make custom towel racks.
The installed faucet and basin in my Rustic Pallet Bathroom.
The installed faucet and basin look great against the pallet wood countertops.
Towel racks and other storage shelves, artwork, and organization ideas for my Rustic Pallet Bathroom.
Towel racks and other storage shelves, artwork, and organization ideas.
I made additional storage in my Rustic Pallet Bathroom.
Additional storage.
I upcycled canning jars to make a light fixture for the vanity in my Rustic Pallet Bathroom.
Upcycled canning jars make for a beautiful light fixture.

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