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Stormy Night Pallet Wood Led-lit Wall Art

  • 1 pallet

  • hard

  • 8h

  • $20

I made this Pallet Wood LED-Lit Wall Art, titled "Stormy Night," is another in series of nature-inspired backlit pieces. I used 4 1/2' boards that I sanded down with 80-grit and then finished with 220 to get that glassy-smooth finish.

Combine high-tech, pallets, paints & stains and create a Pallet Wood LED-Lit Wall Art for your home!

I'm using a combination of paints and stains to give that look and finish with a Poly sealer for protection so you can hang these outside. The lighting is also battery powered and remote controlled so that you can attach these beauties anywhere.

This original wall art piece by Stellar Art Works entitled "Stormy Night" is a wonderful example of Pallet Wood Led-lit Wall Art.
This original wall art piece entitled "Stormy Night" combines the rustic beauty of pallet wood with battery-powered LEDs that illuminate the beautifully carved shapes.
This Pallet Wood Led-lit Wall Art features a backlit, wonderfully carved mermaid swimming to the surface.
If wishes were fishes - or mermaids, you'd have this beautiful backlit pallet wood wall art piece in your home!
In the daylight, this beautiful fish is offset by different colors of stain. But when you add lighting, the fish comes alive!
This Pallet Wood Led-lit Wall Art shark piece is so beautiful it outshines an amazing outdoor kitchen.
This shark wall art piece outshines an over-the-top outdoor kitchen!
Turn palm trees into Pallet Wood Led-lit Wall Art.
Night and day! Palm trees never looked so artistic!
This galloping horse Pallet Wood Led-lit Wall Art combines precise cuts creating the horse with the rustic beauty of pallet wood.
The precise cuts that create the horse blend harmoniously with the imperfect edges of the pallet boards. A rich stain highlights the grain of the wood.
Here is a way you can have a swordfish -or any other fish of your choice - without endangering a single species!
the distinctive shape of a hammerhead shark works great as Pallet Wood Led-lit Wall Art.
The distinctive shape of a hammerhead shark becomes beautiful wall art.
This Pallet Wood Led-lit Wall Art features a turtle with a backdrop featuring a map of the Gulf of Mexico
Add other materials as a backdrop for cut-out wall art like this turtle that has a map showing the Gulf of Mexico.

Make a creative stacked pallet block candle holder. Create an Altoids Robot Army!


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Very nice

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I know a 14 year old boy I can loan you, just have to scale picture up for him. Has done A3 size one of Deer head. Wallah no divorce Lol

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Melzy Harrington

Well when you do get that good, just remember I’m first in line!

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