Pallet Home Décor IdeasStar-topped Pallet Christmas Tree

Star-topped Pallet Christmas Tree

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This Star-Topped Pallet Christmas Tree has a dimension of 3.5 feet by 2 feet at its base. The star was made in laminated wood from a reel of electric conductors. The base also made from an electric reel.

Star-Topped Pallet Christmas Tree:

If you don’t have an electrical spool, you can glue several deck boards together and then cut them into a circle after the glue dries. Next, remove the bottom deck boards, and draw a triangular shape from the center stringer. Then, cut the excess wood off, leaving the boards attached to the center stringer. Reinforce any loose boards with additional screws if necessary. Secure the stringer to the base from below. Cut out a star shape for your tree topper, and mount to the top board. Paint, stain, or just seal the tree – your choice! We chose to paint the tree green and the star topper in a lovely gold color.

Star-topped Pallet Christmas Tree Pallet Home Décor Ideas

This little tree is fantastic! If you need more inspiration, check out this Scandinavian twist on a Christmas Tree.

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Simon Hooper

It’s january

Pallets Upcycled
Reply to  Simon Hooper

we know :) but some Crafters send us their Christmas tree with a little delay ;)

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