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by Shane

Folkart Pallet Snowman Has Bean Fun!

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My child and I made this Folkart Pallet Snowman out of a repurposed pallet, acrylic paint, some buttons, and a kidney bean. My 5-year-old helped make this. It was a very fun project to do with him.

Folkart Pallet Snowman – Make Your Own!

First, start with some deck boards and cut them to the length and width you want as the base or frame. Secure them from the back with two more strips. Next, use some pallet scraps, and cut them in graduated lengths. Round the edges over or leave the boards more rustic. I cut two more little scraps as the hat and found a bit of a wedge for the nose. We secured everything together with a hot glue gun. The final pieces were two little twigs, the buttons and the kidney bean for a mouth. We had a fun day making this. :)

Folkart Pallet Snowman Has Bean Fun! Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting
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