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by Deborah Washington

Rustic Dog Crate From Upcycled Pallets

I needed a larger dog crate for my ever growing puppy but no space for the standard type. I also needed it to serve as an additional table for storage. I used leftover barn wood for the top, pallet wood for the bottom, and recycled hinges and lock. The top was finished with polyacrylic Minwax. The bottom was painted white. I love the results.

Rustic Dog Crate From Upcycled Pallets Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies

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Abbey McMillan

Cam Harris to match the other furniture 😂

Lori Hennep Russell

My guy would eat the wood. But they are nice.

Felecia Bulling

Lissa Dempster like the page. Great ideas

Princess Consuela

Sue Fairman this looks good!! Xx

Sue Fairman

Princess Consuela it does look nicer than an ordinary dog crate. xx


Do you have directions?


Nice crate… maybe a laundry hamper next?

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